Games todo list

I have a habit of buying games on Steam and Good Old Games, and then never getting round to playing them.

Here's the list of games on my Todo list, some of which I own and some of which I don't.

Update (3/Feb/2012): I'm currently playing through Geneforge (the first one), and I'm enjoying it immensely!
Game Done?
Myst I -- V
Myst Istarted Sep 2011 - on hiatus
Myst II 
Myst III 
Myst IV 
Myst V 
Elder Scrolls

These are dangerous games for me - I have a feeling I'll absolutely love them and play them far too much! And each game is so big too... I'll probably only play these if I have a huge holiday to play them on...

Fantastic Indie RPGs - very much like Spiderweb Software games.
Eschalon Book Ifinished (2010?)
Eschalon Book II (finally out!)Finished Nov 2012 (only took about 16 hours of play). Book I definitely better (walking speed unbearable in relation to the world size in this one). Good hook at the end for Book III though!
Magicka series 
Ultima series 
Spiderweb Software games -- my favourite ever!
Exile seriesDone all (I-III) -- btw, Crystal Souls (II) is my favourite game of all time, and the others close behind.
Avernum series
Avernum I--VDone
Avernum VI 
Avadon: The Black FortressDone - Jan 2011 (I had the "Heart of Avadon" ending - don't have the patience for Redbeard!)
Geneforge series
Geneforge IFinished Jan-Feb 2012. (Unaligned Agent, killed Trajkov/Goettsch, used Geneforge)
Geneforge IIFinished Feb-March 2012. (Unaligned Agent, destroyed Geneforge, Takers, Barzites, tiny canister use but not enough to go "mad")
Geneforge IIIIn progress! (Agent, I think I'll be a shaper loyalist and use no canisters)
Geneforge IIV-V 
Dungeons of Dredmore 

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