GNOME Shell Extensions

This is a list of GNOME Shell Extensions I've written. Quick links: Extensions I maintain:

Looking Glass Inspector

Looking Glass Inspector is a developer tool. It lets you hold down SHIFT while using the looking glass inspector to select a gnome-shell item to interact with it instead, so you can shift-click on a menu to open it before selecting from it. It also adds improvements to the object inspector in the looking glass, showing the code of functions, and properly showing methods/properties of GIR objects.

Improved object inspector; Shift-click with the inspector to open menus


Maximus is a port of the original Maximus program for Ubuntu to a GNOME shell extension: it automatically undecorates (hides the title bar) of maximised windows to save vertical space.

Maximised window with (left) and without (right) Maximus

Status Area Horizontal Spacing

Status Area Horizontal Spacing reduces the spacing in between icons/indicators in the status area (far right on the top panel) from the default 12 pixels to a more manageable 6 pixels (this can be changed). Relevant blog post here.

Status Area Horizontal Spacing: before and after

Window Buttons

Window Buttons adds window buttons (minimize, maximize, close) to your top panel. Themeable!

Window Options

Window Options adds Maximise, Minimise, Restore, Always on top, Always on this workspace, etc items to the window title bar menu on the top panel.

Window Options GNOME Shell Extension in action

Workspace Grid

Workspace Grid allows you to configure your workspaces in a grid (e.g. 2 rows, 3 columns), adding the appropriate keybindings for navigation.

Workspace grid lets you arrange workspaces in a grid... ;)


XPenguins is a port of the original XPenguins program to gnome-shell. The original doesn't run very well/at all on gnome-shell, so I wronte a version that did. It adds a few extra features like the ability to let the penguins run around in the window of your choosing and so on. A nice, silly, fun extension :)

XPenguins in action

Oh, and did I mention it's compatible with all the original XPenguins themes? ;) See a demo of it here.


  1. I want to develop an extension and need help

    Can you pls explain the drop down terminal extension and how to communicate with libreoffice

  2. Your extensions are awesome, thank you. :-)

    I was just wondering if you could make it possible for the Workspace Grid to use workspace thumbnail as the background of each workspace in the grid instead of any text or blank window - just like in the right bar in overview.

    Many thanks! :-)

  3. Re Workspace Grid - no, it's not related to the purpose of workspace grid (to organise workspaces in rows and columns). It would be good as a separate extension though (in which case I might add support for it in workspace grid). More here.