Thursday, 2 February 2012

Games todo list!

I've finally got round to compiling a list of games that I want to play; it's here.

I'm a huge fan of single-player role playing games, with uber bonus points for turn-based ones (combat and movement), bonus points for 2D graphics, and brownie points if you control a party of characters.

I guess this came about as one of my first RPGs was by the excellent Spiderweb Software company, which basically Jeff Vogel, an indie developer. My first RPG was "Exile II: Crystal Souls". Ahh, I cannot rave enough about the Exile series. They epitomise everything I want in an RPG - turn based, good storyline with fantastic humour, lovely eye-bleeding graphics. I spent many many hours playing these games and I think they're due a replay!

However, I will make concession to modern graphics every now and then, and I will play RGPs with 3D/better graphics. I won't play a game for its graphics, but I'll play it if it's good, regardless of its graphis (although if it's one of those old-style games with graphics that remind me of DOS, it doesn't have to be very good before I'll play it!)

I am also an absolute sucker for side quests. I have to complete every side quest in the game or I'm not satisfied. I'm also quite obsessive when I find a good game -- I want to play it without a break until it's done (I'm sure many of you understand...). The unfortunate consequence of these two tendencies is that there are lots of games I want to play but won't, because I'll probably lose my job and destroy all my relationships with my friends and family due to becoming a zombie intent on just finishing that last side quest. (I'm looking at you, Elder Scrolls!).

Ahh, but I can only hope.

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